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After all, this market is about taking risks (that pay off!) and stepping outside of your comfort zone.
I won't be afraid to challenge you if you won't be afraid to challenge me either.

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I love to don a digital wig all the time. Back in 2001 when AsianAvenue was the online hangout for young Asian Americans and before they screwed themselves over in a horrible rebranding effort, I was diving into the world of web development and design, as well as what is now my favorite hobby, vexeling.

Ever since then, I knew I wanted to work in the digital world (and not just the internet). Digital media is my passion, and you can place me anywhere else, but even then, I would be thinking digitally. I also love working with numbers and even took the Digital Metrics class at The University of Texas at Austin, which combined both of my loves. There is something intriguing in how numbers can come together to advise on what the next step should be in an ongoing campaign, for example. The beauty of the interactive world is that it is always changing.

I've been told that I am smart and a very quick learner. There is no limit to learning when it comes to my passion, and once I get started on a project, it's difficult for me to stop until I get the job done just right.

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