HIMYM & Heroes in HD

HD TVA bunch of friends and I cozied up at one of their boyfriend’s house equipped with a large, flat-screen HD TV. Chewy sweets in hand, we sat wide-eyed in front of the telly, prepared for an HD experience we’ve never had before of our favorite shows, How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) and Heroes. HIMYM came on first.

Hmm, that’s strange. Why does it look like they’re on a set? Then came Heroes. Very. Same. Thing. Our humble, TV-watching soiree was soon filled with how fake everything looked, how we could tell it was a set, and jokes about how we could see each pixel on an actor’s face. My favorite shows were ruined by HD! It simply was too crisp and too clear, so much so that nothing looked real anymore, and I could not enjoy the shows for their amazing plot lines or witty conversation without being distracted by the super high definition of the screen.

But, like the new Facebook, it will take some getting used to, since I will be forced to use HD permanently. With that being said, everything on television better up the ante on production quality so that people like me don’t feel like we’re at Universal Studios. On a side note, I actually like the new Facebook.

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