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Here, you will find most of my advertising work for school. As for a more professional portfolio, I worked as a Media Coordinator, so there isn't anything physical that can be shown since it must be kept confidential between Fosforus and the client(s). However, I would be more than happy to talk about my work, so do not hesitate to contact me if you're interested.

Coursework Banners on Facebook
See an analysis of based on Urchin data: Brief or Detailed
After a thorough analysis of and its targets, ads were designed and then placed on Facebook. Upon completion, our team's ad targeting UT Adv/PR alumni had the highest CTR of all the teams' ads with a .07, almost double the CTR of the ad with the second highest CTR.

Analyzing Online Behaviors: McDonald's Dollar Menunaire Banner, Message, and Mechanics Media Deck
AustinTidbit's target was analyzed and clearly defined. Recommendations were then made appropriately, winning our team the Fall 2007 Best Student Media Deck award. Many of the recommendations have, since then, been implemented on

RadioShack Media Plan and Presentation
Working with RadioShack and their agency, Carat, a national media plan was constructed using research from Scarborough and SRDS, just to name a few. The best parts of the experience were the good teamwork and presenting to RadioShack in Fort Worth.

EdibleAustin Presentation and Plansbook
EdibleAustin needed help boosting subscription numbers and Web site traffic but had no budget. Through rigorous primary and secondary research, various interactive and other recommendations were made and presented to the client.

POV: Kohler Faucets and Risky Business



Advertising: Integrated Brand Communication, Creative, Research, Media Planning, Advanced Media Strategies, Digital Media, Digital Metrics, Ethics, Advertising Management, Campaigns, Integrated Communication for Sports

Other: Marketing, Management, French I – IV, Statistics, Elements of Computer and Programming, Rhetoric & Composition, Photographic Communication, Interpersonal Communication, and more

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